Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Latest e-mail from The Researcher

From: John Burns nocredibilitycourier@XXXXX.com
To: Jackie Corley jcorley @ gmail.com
Date: Aug 30, 2005 8:55 AM
Subject: Re: hmmm

We shall see. Only if I could be as important as the writers at the Courier. Ask Rosmarie Peters, Amy Handlin or Rob Clifton how much of an impact the Courier had on their election prospects--the results speak for themselves. The only election prospects that have been impacted by the Courier are Mr. Azzolina's--and that was a losing prospect--almost two years ago and then finally this June. Obviously, this is the business the Courier is in--not journalism, but politics. Politics is a rough hobby and if you want to be involved in it, then you have to not only be willing to dish it out, but to take it too. I have Mr. Purcell's email address, but thank you anyway.

-The Researcher
Well, folks, the documentation for just about all of my articles is available on the index to your right. You can decide for yourselves whether I'm providing access to information or playing politics.

If I'm going to be retaliated against for doing my job, well that would say a lot about the county I live in.

Please support the freedom of the press.

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