Thursday, May 18, 2006

Giannell's in the race

Giannell enters race for Monmouth County GOP chairman (APP)

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

It's official: Fred's reign is dead

GOP chief Niemann to step down

I think the Monmouth Republican bloggers like Honest Abe and Will Seward deserve a hardy round of applause. I think the blogs played a large part in unmasking Niemann's incompetence as a leader. No one should underestimate the role Abe and Will played in what will inevitably become a stronger Republican Party.

And, of some note, the APP article includes ELEC numbers first confirmed by Abe, including the fact that Lynch associates Jack "I didn't bribe DeLisa" Morris and Jack "Why'd I get involved with Lynch in the first place" Westlake have been recent contributors to a party PAC.

By the by, just a personal opinion, but I think some people in this county will have a lot to worry about if Morris decides to spill whatever beans he has to the FBI. And the fact that neither Morris nor Westlake have been arrested--even after the DeLisa FBI's indictment said the pair (unnamed but outed by newspapers) allegedly bribed DeLisa using ELEC funds and money--gives me the vague suspicion that they may have already pulled a Palughi and gone state's witness.

It's only a matter of time, friends. Morris had a lot bigger projects around here than a West Long Branch Walgreens. And there was a lot more ELEC money flowing around these here parts than to just DeLisa and Zambrano.

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