Friday, August 12, 2005

Next Week

Usually, I get some sort of brief respite after the time my articles for the week's edition are done before I hear the requisite, "And what are you doing for next week?" inquiry.

The Courier's powers-that-be have been asking that question earlier and earlier in the week.

This week, my publisher was asking that question by Wednesday evening, some seven days and 12 hours before the next issue.

Well folks, I'm not quite sure what next week's adventures in investigative journalism will produce. Maybe I'll finally get cracking on that Belford Ferry piece. Maybe I'll delve into Forrester's financial contributions to Monmouth County politics. Or maybe I'll look at just how much money Jack Morris has contributed to campaigns and PACs over the past four or five years. I don't really know.

This weekend I'll play an unhealthy amount of Civilization III, finally send my contract in to my literary agent and tool around on the ELEC site until something sparks my interest.

I don't have a definitive plan for next week, but I'm not stressing. I'm going to give my brain another 24 hours to defry. So until then, Publisher Purcell, you ask me that damn question again and you'll be flat on your assets in 2.5 seconds.

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