Thursday, October 27, 2005

Please let this season be over

Sorry I haven't posted in forever. A hacking cough and some fluish thing kept me in bed for a few days. I really can't wait for election season to be over. I totally understand that candidates have to make the final push to get themselves coverage, but boy it's killing me.

I'm really interested to see what effect the "Monmouth 11" and the "Club Monmouth" series will have, if any, on this year's outcome. The election is less than two weeks away folks.

Register for an absentee ballot here.

Here's the interactive part of today's entry. I'd like to hear some of your predictions for the following races:


Mayor (1 seat):
David Sobel (D, incumbent) VS.
Peter Morrison (R)

Council (2 seats):
Joseph Raymond (D, incumbent) & Thomas Perry (D, incumbent) VS.
John Gartley (R) and Sheldon Chaplowitz (R)

Atlantic Highlands

Council (2 seats):
John C. Archibald, Jr. (R, incumbent) & Peter Doyle (R) VS.
Stephen D. Noonan (D, incumbent) & Robert J. Sutton (D)


Committee (1 seat, full term):
Ric Medrow (R) VS.
James DiNardo (D)

Committee (1 seat, unexpired 1-year term):
William J. Kolibas Jr. (R) VS.
Kevin Lavan (D)


Committee (2 seats):
Tony Orsini (D, incumbent) & Janet Berk (D, incumbent) VS.
Rocco F. Pascucci (R) & Alan R. Bateman (R)


Council (2 seats):
June E. Atkins (R, incumbent) & George J. Strang VS.
Joseph E. Sheridan (D) & William Ortman (D)


Mayor (1 seat):
Beatrice Duffy (R, incumbent) VS.
Mary Aufseeser (D)

Council (2 seats):
Sharon D. Roselli (R, incumbent) & Robert Kee (R, incumbent) VS.
William J. Malley (D) & Meghan Mullaney (D)

Council (1 seat, 1-year unexpired term):
Vicky Allen (R, incumbent) VS.
Neil Mendelsohn (D)


Committee (2 seats):
Pamela M. Brightbill (R) & Thomas P. Wilkens (R) VS.
Alex DeSevo (D) & Steve Borbely (D) VS.
Joe McGrath (I)

Red Bank

Council (2 seats):
John Curley (R, incumbent) & Kaye Ernst (R) VS.
Guy T. Maratta (D) & Louis J. DiMento (D)

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