Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Buy my book

I deliberately try to avoid mixing my literary endeavors with my Monmouth ramblings, but I have a book coming out and I owe my publisher some half-way decent local promotion.

My short story collection, The Suburban Swindle, is now available for pre-order direct from my publisher. The official publication date will be in the fall but copies ordered from the publisher should start shipping in a couple months.

Here are blurbs about the book:

"Sharp, bold, and deeply affecting, Jackie Corley's stories are like poetry made from the gritty stuff of hard-scrabble life. Dead garden snakes and forgotten video games, gravestone statues that seem to dance in the night: in Corley's able hands, the mundane, even the ugly, are transformed. The young men and women who struggle through her slim, piercing collection, stay with you long after you've finished reading; tough-talking and scarred, tattooed and tender, they search Corley's dirty, sparkling New Jersey streets for something always just out of reach.

"A fiercely original debut. Corley is a talent to watch."
-Scott Snyder, author of Voodoo Heart

"Finally a 20-something author who is neither precious nor coddled. Finally a young writer who writes about life as it actually is instead of some trust fund prick's fantasy of America. Jackie Corley is almost completely alone among the new set of writers in that she is actually telling stories about real humans. And she is telling them well, with the kind of immediacy that most young writers have had beaten out of them in MFA factories. Corley is original and unforgiving. I cannot say enough about Jackie Corley. She doesn't flinch. Read this book."
-Ian Spiegelman, author Welcome to Yesterday and Everyone's Burning

"I am tempted to compare Jackie Corley's writing to a strong cup of coffee. It wakes you up, it gets you addicted, and sometimes it's burning hot. Or I could say it's like whiskey--it's strong, it blurs your vision, and gives you the guts to face the hard truths and bitter pains of life. But forget about those liquid comparisons, because Corley's work is solid! The Suburban Swindle unleashes a new, bold, American voice that you'd be foolish to ignore."
-Kevin Sampsell, author of Creamy Bullets


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Interesting reviews. Best of luck!


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