Monday, August 15, 2005

APP lays the smack down

I actually really like Republicans Billy Barham and Lillian Burry, but damn if the Asbury Park Press didn't just hand the Monmouth County Freeholder race to Democrats Rebecca Aaronson and Barbara McMorrow this year:

Openness, trust in short supply; Editorial

In other news, I finished this week's lead story today. My boss thinks it's the hardest hitting piece I've done yet. We'll see how the readers take to it. I'll post all the supporting documentation Wednesday night.

I still have to post more documents for the Aberdeen-Matawan Train Station and Rubinstein project storylines. That will just necessiate me dragging my cheap-o scanner out of the basement and going to town. All the election reports posted so far have been screen captures, which are, of course, much less labor intensive for my lethargic self.

I did indeed finally send in the contract to my literary agent, and he wants to start shopping around a collection of short stories in September. Man, if this year didn't give me a wealth of material for my fiction, I don't know what has. One of my stories came out in this book in February if anybody wants to break out their wallet for Better Non Sequitur, a small indy publisher.

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