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Assorted Press Releases

I haven't posted the Daily Rounds or linked to press releases in the past few days. Here are some releases that were e-mailed to me (from the Republican challengers in the 12th District and the incumbent Republicans in the 11th District).

I'll post any press release relating to an election in the Bayshore area. Email me at jcorley @


August 18, 2005

For Immediate Release
Steven J. Corodemus (732) 744 - 1998
Sean T. Kean (732) 241 - 9718

Ocean Mayor William Larkin: (732) 492 0290
Ocean Deputy Mayor J. David Hiers: (732) 531 5199

Ocean Township Mayor Larkin and Deputy Mayor Hiers say Reilly owns Ocean residents straightforward answers Now!

Atlantic Highlands, Ocean Township & Wall Township, NJ: Two non-partisan elected officials from Ocean Township today demanded an explanation from Democrat Assembly candidate Jim Reilly as to why their 11th Legislative District town was denied Homeland Security funds while numerous towns in the nearby 12th District received every nickel they requested.

Ocean Township Mayor William Larkin said that his towns application for $179,831 in Homeland Security funds was denied by the Assembly Homeland Security and State Preparedness Committee while nearby Freehold Township received $158,000, Manalapan received $187,000 and Marlboro received $196,000.

Freehold Township, Manalapan and Marlboro are in the 12th Legislative District represented by Democrats Michael Panter and Robert Morgan, both who face tough re-election battles in November. Ocean Township is represented by Republicans Steve Corodemus and Sean Kean. Not one of the 25 towns or cities in the 11th Legislative District received a dime in Homeland Security funds.

“What makes Freehold Township, Manalapan and Marlboro eligible for Homeland Security funds? What makes Ocean Township ineligible? Are their needs any more legitimate than ours? Is their safety paramount? Jim Reilly, as a lawyer to the Assembly Democrats and aide to the Assembly Homeland Security Committee that made the decisions, is in a perfect position to answer my questions,” Larkin said.

“As someone who wants to represent Ocean Township in the NJ General Assembly, I believe Jim Reilly has an obligation to answer these questions and answer them now,” Ocean Township Deputy Mayor David Hiers added.

Almost $7.8 million of the $8.3 million in Homeland Security funds distributed last year went to Democrat districts with 93 percent of $23 million going to those same districts since 2002.

“Nobody should be playing politics with the safety and security of the people in Ocean Township. We need to know these funds are being distributed fairly, responsibly and equitably,” Larkin said.

“We don’t need silence from Mr. Reilly, nor do we need rhetoric from Assemblywoman Quigley,” Hiers added. “We need straightforward answers to our reasonable and straightforward questions and that’s what Mr. Reilly should give us,” he concluded.


For Immediate Release
August 19, 2005
Steven J. Corodemus (732) 744 - 1998
Sean T. Kean (732) 241 – 9718



Atlantic Highlands & Wall Township, NJ: Assemblymen Sean Kean and Steve Corodemus said today voters in the 11th legislative district have cause to question the competence and political motives of their Democratic challengers since they refuse to acknowledge mounting and irrefutable evidence that their party politically manipulated the state’s own anti-terrorism grant program.

“Our nation is at war with terrorists,” said Kean, R-Monmouth. “Hundreds of New Jersey residents died in the attack on the World Trade Center. The likelihood sleeper cells are active in New Jersey is high. Federal and state officials have cautioned us that New Jersey must remain vigilant because the risk of a terrorist attack within our borders is very real.”

“Yet our opponents refuse to admit, let alone condemn, growing evidence and the findings of an ongoing investigation by the state’s largest newspaper that the Codey administration steered millions of state tax dollars meant for domestic preparedness to legislative districts controlled by Democrats. By now, it is obvious to almost everyone but Jim Reilly, and presumably by his silence his running-mate Matt Doherty as well, the Democrats in Trenton placed politics ahead of the security of our residents,” stated Kean.

“We’re talking about documented behavior that is not only disgraceful, but borders on the criminal,” added Corodemus, also R-Monmouth. “Yet to Reilly the administration’s actions are nothing more than ‘imaginary misdeeds.’ What makes this all the more unbelievable is that Reilly was a Democratic aide to the Assembly Homeland Security and State Preparedness Committee.”

“Reilly should know better. In fact, I believe he does know better but is allowing politics to stand between him and the truth. If Reilly doesn’t understand the difference between the federal homeland security grant program and the state homeland security grant program, either he doesn’t know what he’s talking about or he is attempting to cover up the gross misdeeds of his party’s leaders,” stated Corodemus.

In addition to issuing a press release that deliberately focuses on the federal grant program instead of the state grant program that is at the center of the scandal, Assemblyman Kean said what was more disturbing about the release was Reilly’s eagerness to excuse political interference in the awarding of domestic preparedness grants.

“Reilly seems to think it is appropriate for state legislators to exert political influence when it comes to anti-terrorism aid,” Kean said. “When it comes to protecting lives, homeland security funds should be awarded by the Attorney General, and only the Attorney General, on the basis of merit and risk factors. Politics should never be a factor. But Reilly excuses political interference by claiming it is ‘traditional’ for legislators to ‘champion grant requests before the Attorney General.’ Other than bringing a municipal grant application to the Attorney General’s attention, legislators should have no say whatsoever about who should get money.”

“That’s the Attorney General’s responsibility. However, the Attorney General’s Office has admitted the Governor’s Office heavily influenced the grant award process,” stated Kean.

“The people of the 11th district are less safe today because of the political deals made by Democrats who control the apparatus of state government and their apologists,” Corodemus said. “They deserve to be treated fairly and impartially. Sean Kean and I will always place the security of people before partisan politics. Safety should not have to depend on whether you are a Republican or Democrat or live in an area that is controlled by Republicans or Democrats.”



For Immediate Release

August 22, 2005
Contact: Kevin Israel (732) 741-4490

Beck and O’Scanlon affirm support for Fort Monmouth; accuse Panter, Morgan of using issue for political gain

As the Base Realignment and Closure commission nears its final decision, 12th District Assembly challengers Jennifer Beck and Declan O’Scanlon today reaffirmed their support for Fort Monmouth and their position that the Fort should not be included in the commissions final closure list.

“The reasons are obvious”, stated Beck. “The unique nature of the Fort’s operations, the irreplaceable quality and depth of the intellectual capital, the proximity to, and working relationship with, the Port Authority. It’s a no-brainer. I can understand the government and the military looking for ways to be more efficient, but not at the expense of the safety of the residents of New Jersey and the 12th District.”

O’Scanlon agreed, adding “the idea that you’re going to either uproot all these people and move them to Maryland, or replace them quickly, if at all, without a serious efficiency gap is fantasy. All you’re going to do is jeopardize Homeland Security, and put our fighting men and women in harm’s way. The base needs to stay where it is, and continue their great work on behalf of the American people and especially the people in the metropolitan area.

Beck and O’Scanlon also criticized their opponents, accusing them of playing politics with the Fort issue. They pointed to an ugly exchange on the floor of the Assembly in May which took place after Panter and Morgan refused to allow Republican co-sponsors for a resolution in support of Fort Monmouth.

Panter was denounced by several veteran Republican leaders, many of whom said they had never seen such a naked act of partisanship on such an issue.

(The exchange can be seen at May 16 session, starting at the 4:48:45 mark)

“Even on an issue like this, which one would presume we could all agree on, Panter and Morgan couldn’t resist putting personal political gain ahead of a show of unity by the elected representatives of the people of New Jersey”, said Beck. “They should be ashamed of themselves.”

O’Scanlon added “It just continues a pattern, one that we’re going to continue to point out in the coming weeks. It’s ALL politics with these guys all the time. Mike Panter showed his true colors that day on the floor of the Assembly.”

Beck and O’Scanlon both vowed that if elected, they would never refuse a co-sponsor from any party.


For Immediate Release
August 23, 2005
Steven J. Corodemus (732) 744 - 1998
Sean T. Kean (732) 241 - 9718

State Homeland Security Funds: $3 Million for Camden, $0 for Wall Township and fourteen other towns in NJ’s 11th Legislative District

Wall Township, NJ: Mayor Edward Thomson today said his town is one of the 15 towns in NJ’s 11th Legislative District that had its application for NJ homeland security funds rejected by the Trenton Democrats.

“The 11th District has 25 towns. Fifteen of the 25 towns applied for state homeland security funds. Not one application was honored. All 15 towns got zero dollars. We were shut out and we deserve to know why,” Thomson said.

Police Captain Bernard Sullivan said Wall applied for $199,000 for communications equipment, gear for first responders and for a security response vehicle. “Our application was well-prepared, submitted on time and reflected a real need for the people of Wall Township,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan pointed out that Wall Township is home to Allaire (Monmouth County Executive) Airport. The airport poses significant security challenges for Wall’s police, fire and rescue personnel.

“Wall and the 11th District are not alone. Not one town in Ocean County received any state homeland security funds and Ocean County is home to two nuclear power plants. Atlantic City, an international destination hosting millions, received zero funds. But Camden City was awarded $3 million,” Thomson said.

Ninety-three percent of all state homeland security money dispensed since 2002 have gone to cities and towns in districts represented by Democrats.

“It looks like somebody’s playing politics with the safety of the people of Wall Township. Given the facts as we know them, the system seems unfair, illogical and may be corrupt. We need to get to the bottom of this. We need facts,” Thomson said.

Mayor Thomson called on Democrat Assembly candidate Jim Reilly to explain to the people of Wall the facts behind the decisions leading to a “logical aberration” and iniquity in funding.

“Mr. Reilly was on the inside in the decision making, he was counsel to the Assembly Homeland Security Committee. What did Reilly know and when did he know it? Now he wants to be our Assemblyman. He owes the people of Wall answers – now,” Thomson concluded.



For Immediate Release
August 23, 2005
Contact: Kevin Israel
(732) 741-4490

Panter and Morgan: Hiding behind Ellen Karcher?

12th District Republican challengers Jennifer Beck and Declan O'Scanlon accused Mike Panter and Bob Morgan today of having Senator Ellen Karcher attempt to fight their battles for them and asked if the two freshmen legislators had anything to say on the matter.

“Why are these guys afraid to speak for themselves?”, asked Beck. Are they worried that if they spoke up, then everyone would’ve been reminded of their total and complete cave-in when it came time to vote to reform campaign finance and pay to play? If you’re going to be hypocrites, at least have the courage to do it yourselves.”

“Apparently, since these guys have no accomplishments to run on, they’re going to run against John Bennett again”, said O’Scanlon. “ And honestly, if I’d abandoned the biggest promise I’d made to the people of the 12th district and been a party to the explosion of the state’s budget, I’d do anything I could to take the focus off of that too.”

O’Scanlon also said he found it amusing that the two chose Karcher of all people to attack them, considering Karcher had recently voted to kill a bill that would have allowed towns and counties to pass pay to play laws that went beyond state limits. “Having Ellen Karcher attack me is sort of like getting modesty advice from Paris Hilton”, said O’Scanlon. “Not exactly the most credible source.”

As O’Scanlon is now doing in Little Silver, Beck led the way in Red Bank’s ethics reform effort. Both candidates pledged support for the very bill that Karcher and her Democrat colleagues killed.

“It was another sorry chapter in the book on New Jersey political ethics, one made all the more shameful by the abstentions of freshman Assemblymen Mike Panter and Bob Morgan….The only message he (Panter) sent to the leadership was that he would not buck the party….When push came to shove, they caved to the Democratic leadership. Their abstentions…were an affront to everyone who took them at their word that they would set a new ethical standard.
-Asbury Park Press March 17,2004

“In explaining her vote…Karcher said she favored tougher laws but didn’t want them implemented incrementally….That all-or-nothing tactic was long employed by former Gov. McGreevey to subvert attempts to impose meaningful pay-to-play reform….Karcher…had more reason than any other senator to allow action on the local enabling bill…In light of that, and her campaign promises to restore governmental ethics and eliminate pay-to-play at all levels of government, her vote was a sore disappointment.
-Asbury Park Press June 30,2005


For Immediate Release
August 25, 2005
Mayor Thomas Catley & Councilman Mike Golub: 732-988-5200

On Homeland Security, Is Doherty and Reilly for the Trenton Democrats or Neptune Township?
Neptune Township Mayor and Councilman want Answers NOW!

Neptune Township, NJ: During a candidates forum in Ocean Grove on August 1st 2005 Jim Reilly said, “Regardless of which party is in charge in Trenton … if it took standing up to whoever we needed to ... WE would do that.”

So, today Neptune Township Mayor Thomas Catley said, “Now is the time for Doherty and Reilly to make good on that promise and stand up to the Trenton Democrats who turned down fifteen honest state homeland security applications from fifteen towns in the 11th District. It was unfair. It was political and it was wrong.”

“Doherty and Reilly have a choice. They can be for us, or they can be for the Democrats in Trenton who are funding their campaign. Who do they chose? Where are their loyalties?” Said Neptune Township Councilman Golub.

Fifteen of the twenty five towns in the 11th district properly applied for state homeland security grant money and were denied. All fifteen towns were denied by the Trenton Democrats. Neptune Township request for $200,000 was denied. However, neighboring towns of Freehold Township, Manalapan & Marlboro received what they had requested.

An investigation by The Star-Ledger of Newark has determined that 93 percent of the state grants were awarded by the Attorney General to legislative districts controlled by Democrats. Officials in the Attorney General’s Office have acknowledged that the Governor’s Office played a role in deciding who would receive grants and who didn’t. Last week, Jim Reilly defended the actions of Democratic legislators who tried to influence the grant process.

“Politics and party should never be in the equation of protecting the people of Neptune Township from terrorism. Our town needs answers now Mr. Doherty and Mr. Reilly.” Concluded Mayor Catley.


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