Friday, November 04, 2005

Correction and apology

A small piece I put in this week's issue was inaccurate. The article, titled "Assembly Dems call for debate" stated that the Thompson-Handlin campaign received funds from the 11th and 12th district races. It was a misunderstanding between myself and Mike Dasaro. What Mr. Dasaro was actually saying that the influx of funds INTO the 11th & 12th district races show that those races are in trouble. I had thought that Mr. Dasaro was saying that those campaigns had donated to the 13th District race. I had heard the word "district" instead of the plural "districts." I should have bracketed the word "13th" to show that that word wasn't in a direct quote, but I didn't. So, basically it was a chain of misunderstanding that I ultimately take full responsibility for.

I apologized profusely to both Mr. Thompson and Mr. Dasaro for the misunderstanding. Ms. Handlin does not return calls to our office, so I can only offer my apology through this website.

I also sincerely apologize to our readers. This is the first time I've really screwed up a quote and I'm absolutely mortified.



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