Monday, September 18, 2006

Monmouth County Post

The Courier's Matt McGrath goes hog-wild on Dan Gallic's new publication:
We at The Courier have one particular complaint to note. The paper stole our advertising disclaimer verbatim from our index. So, far as to mention that "The Courier is not responsible for errors."

The owner and publisher of the newspaper remained a mystery throughout Monday, until we received a call from former Monmouth County GOP Executive Director Dan Gallic.

Gallic said he was returning a call from us, but no one made a call to him, just to the Monmouth County Post earlier that day. The answering machine did not have an outgoing message for the number we dialed so we hung up the phone. I, in turn, called Gallic to apologize for any confusion because no one from our staff remembered calling him, but he said it was about the Monmouth County Post.

Mystery solved.

Who the heck is funding the Monmouth County Post anyway? Is Gallic associated with the Monmouth Republicans still? I know Abe, Will and most of the moderate Republicans were happy to see him go, but is he gone, sort of gone, we're-telling-the-press-that-he's-gone, or what?

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At 6:45 AM, Blogger William H Seward said...

I saw that rag the day it hit the streets and decided not to draw any attention to it. It is so bad that it will die a quick death, unless someone else promotes it, even with criticism.

The County GOP has nothing to do with it. I've heard speculation that Fred may have put some money up, but I have some doubts about that. The ultra right wing GOPUSA is a good bet to be behind it.

At 11:25 AM, Blogger Jackie Corley said...

You're probably right on the GOPUSA thing.

I just wonder what Gallic's fascination with Monmouth is that he can't leave.

At 1:01 PM, Blogger William H Seward said...

I just wonder what Gallic's fascination with Monmouth is that he can't leave.

The boy is a sick puppy. We should all pray for him.

At 3:37 PM, Blogger Honest Abe said...

When I first saw the disclaimer I actually thought the "Post" was a Courier related paper a la Vox. Then I saw the Warren, NJ address (Which is in Somerset County, not Warren County), I figured it to be the work of the shadowy Dan Gallic.
Funding? Not sure. A PAC? Dunno.
Secretary Seward makes a good point. We should all pray for Dan Gallic.

At 10:06 PM, Blogger Politico1812 said...


Maybe Dan Gallic is concerned about the libs trying to take over the county...

At 10:47 PM, Blogger Jackie Corley said...

Monmouth County is hardly San Francisco.

At 5:45 AM, Blogger William H Seward said...

Politico1812 said...

Maybe Dan Gallic is concerned about the libs trying to take over the county...

More likely...he hasn't been able to find a sucker to pay him $7500.00 per month outside of Monmouth County.

At 8:43 PM, Blogger Matthew McGrath said...

Will, there are some GOPUSA connections. Specifically when it relates to Bellew. More about that this week on my blog and in the paper.

I'm also interested in the connections to Several articles have been used by a Steve Ertelt who is listed as the site's editor. He is a major pro-life rights guy out of Montana, which may point to "People of Hope" connections.

The advertising in the 2nd issue is also suspect. One company has three ads. It’s a travel company in Old Bridge with a parent in Chatam.

As for the Monmouth GOP, Adam chose his words very carefully when he told me that he “made it very clear” to the county staff that Gallic was no longer involved. He said he disciplined one employee for telling me she couldn't discuss his affiliation, and that it "hurt" that staffer's career. The newspaper looks more PR than anything else. So, I can’t rule out that connection yet.

There is also McKindles’ connections to the Kean campaign. The second issue was devoted entirely to the Kean/Menendez battle. The news is dated.

Niemann knew about the paper, and one of the people who worked there.

As for it dieing a slow death, I don't think so. There is a lot of money propping up that paper. There are at least three staff members, paper carriers, and Gallic (or whomever) had to shell out for the very expensive wire services (that is if he wasn’t lying to me like he lied about Tom Cafferty).

I'm pouring over ELEC stuff as we speak.

That funding is why the paper won’t die, at least until the election that is. So, criticism has to be made to let the people know where their news is coming from. Especially, when the content is lifted without permission from other sources.

Another editor at a competing paper heavily criticized The Courier for its ownership a few years back. That same editor called to congratulate me on the story. So, at the very least I know I made somewhat of an impression.

At 3:55 PM, Blogger Honest Abe said...

I actually saw Gallic's paper rotting in some Neptune Township driveways last week. That guy should just go away.

At 11:15 PM, Blogger JIM_PURCELL said...

Dan Gallic is not going away. He is a product of a system and a tolerance, in my opinion.

When fringe guys like him are brought in they get used to the money. So they do not want to give it up and stick around. Where else is he going if not for Monmouth?


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