Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Dear APP, what is going on?

PoliticsNJ's rapid post-Kornacki decline brought a tiny little tear to my eye.

The catastrophe that the APP has become leaves me holding my head in my hands. This goes beyond Gannett's tendency to wave an arbitrary wand and go after whichever candidate or party suits their editorial fancy.

I've bit my lip for a while but I can't stand it any more: where in God's name has the APP's reporting gone? The only real news digging I've seen from the paper in the past few months has been coming out of Howell, but that's basically been it.

I mean Middletown is the biggest town in the APP's Monmouth coverage area and I haven't seen a story that wasn't a recycled press release come out in God knows how long. When does it become no-biggie to virtually ignore the biggest town in your coverage area? You don't see the Jersey Journal ever ignoring Jersey City or the Times of Trenton closing it's eyes to Hamilton, so why is it such a burden for actual reporting to get done in Middletown?

So is this just me whining or has anybody else noticed the same thing?

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At 6:39 PM, Blogger Honest Abe said...

I think they only believe the county to be the focus for "investigative" reporting, insofar as government waste and corruption. Their goal is Democratic freeholders.
I'll reserve judgment on Middletown specifically, but they do seem to avoid reporting on the towns, to the point that some towns seldom have an APP reporter at their meetings.
If they're interested in waste, they should check out some of these school districts and utility authorities.


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