Sunday, June 01, 2008

Why pick on all of Keansburg?

The APP ran the following story today about the Keanburg Board of Ed meeting following the revelation of the Barbara Trzeszkowski buy-out fiasco:

Despite furor, no crowd at school board meeting

I call shenanigans.

Once you get into the story, you realize that there was indeed a packed house at the board meeting. Folks just didn't wait 2 1/2 hours for the board to get out of executive session and many left. Of course, the APP reporters had to stay there the entire time to get a story. (Though, not surprisingly, Courier reporters had no problem getting the school board prez's statement on a YouTube video before the meeting even began.)

I'm sure the APP reporters were none too pleased to sit around an auditorium all night waiting to get a story. However, that's their problem, not Keansburg's.

Any reporter worth his or her salt would have had enough contacts built up in the Bayshore and thus had an idea what was going to happen that night before it did. There is no reason to insinuate that the entire town doesn't give a damn what happens in their school system by publishing a tantrum-like response to a wasted few hours.

Based on my experience covering the Bayhore, I'd say the typical Keansburg resident is more involved and more knowledgeable than wealthier folks in bedroom communities.

The APP owes Keansburg an apology.



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