Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Thursday preview

I have to venture out to visit some literary folk tonight, but as soon as I get back, I will post the supporting documentation for this week's issue.

I heard it repeated again today that some officials think I'm just being used as a front for my publisher. I find that whole scenario, aside from being illogical and paranoid, endlessly humorous. It's an advantage for me to be 23 years old and a woman. As long as I'm underestimated, nobody will take the time to figure out where I'm coming from, leaving me free reign to keep pursuing the storylines I'm interested in.

When I started with my first investigative storyline back in June, the story was nearly killed three times by my hire-ups. I'm glad I fought tooth and nail the way I did to have the story see the light of day, no matter how many threats against the paper keep coming down the pike.


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