Friday, June 09, 2006

On losing one's blogging inspiration... and getting it back

I got to hand it to the Monmouth Republicans lately. As Fred's reign waned and it looked like grassroots reform was actually on the horizon, you guys got down right boring to blog about. And the Monmouth Democrats? Well, when they arrive out of their perpetual press paralysis perhaps they'll be interesting to blog about some time soon.

But I've found my blogging inspiration again, folks, with visions of future ELEC reports dancing in my head.

Given Adam Puharic's statements to PoliticsNJ, the TRT and the general county bees buzz-buzzing around, it looks like we're in for Fred redux (and I somehow think that Gibbons, Del Dio will be reaping the bond benefits into infinitum. Municipal marinas for everyone, darlings!).

There's an inherent elitism in dismissing the recent grassroots voting by the county committee in favor of a return to executive committee-only voting, and I find it greatly disturbing. The only ones who stand to benefit from such a position are those whose mortgages and mansions are tied up in county and municipal jobs.

And the only way to effectively support such a system is a return to questionable fundraising tactics, of the developers and engineers and attorneys and contractors paving the way and having the say so.

But it looks like this is the road the Monmouth GOP is destined to stay on. The reform-minded will vote for Ed Stominski and Jim Giannell, effectively splitting their vote and diffusing any chance of actual change.

I respect Ed Stominski and Mel Hood a great deal but I believe Jim Giannell has proven he can organize the party and bring solid candidates to the forefront and should be the county's next chairman. I believe that Ed Stominski and Mel Hood can serve a vital role in fundraising for the party and should be a part of any new executive committee.

However if some compromise isn't reached among Ed, Mel and Jim, I believe all three will be left out in the cold, as well as a significant portion of the dedicated county committee members.

But if my premonition is correct and the committee goes for Fred redux, I have a feeling I won't be at as much of a loss for my future Monmouth blogging.

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