Friday, April 14, 2006

In search of a name...

There will (hopefully) be a new blog adventure soon.

I was very impressed at how adroitly Monmouth's Republicans took to utilizing blog technology and websites. I think a fair argument could be made that the blogs played a role in the party's selection of it's November slate for freeholder.

So, somewhat in that spirit, I want to write a blog about New Jersey blogs and the subculture that seems to surround them. Part of it will be basically recapping the blog entries heard 'round the Garden State aon a daily basis.

The only name for this theoretical blog I could come up with so far is "The Meta-tator" but that's just way too pretentious for a Jersey blog.

Think, think, think. I come up with the best names (or the somewhat non-sucky names) when I actually don't think too much about them. I'm turning the tables to you guys: help me pick a blog name.


At 7:45 PM, Blogger Kramer Hall said...

Call it Kramer Hall!

At 7:48 PM, Blogger Kramer Hall said...

or The Garden State Blogway

At 8:53 PM, Blogger karenrz said...

In that vein,

Jersey Blogway
Blogway to Hell

Blog Jersey
Jersey Diary
Jersey Jottings

Just off the cuff.... I'll have to think more about this.


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