Wednesday, January 24, 2007

So is Monmouth Mitt Romney central or something?

A lot of familiar Monmouth faces and sides of faces in this video (via

So what does it say about Mitt Romney's presidential campaign if his base is the rapidly imploding Monmouth GOP?

It doesn't seem likely that Romney will win the nomination (or even make much of a dent in Jersey where even Republicans veer pretty left) so what's with the joined-to-the-Monmouth-hip phenomenon?

Will we see some interesting New England campaign contributions flowing into Monmouth coffers in the near future?

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At 12:12 PM, Blogger Honest Abe said...

Must be something to do with the early primary proposals. In past elections New Jersey would be off the presidential radar. It's actually pretty cool to see presidential candidates showing some interest.

"...even Republicans veer pretty left..."
Yes and no. The "elite" tend to run from moderate to liberal. Look at the Keans, Christie Whitman, Donny D, Hazel Gluck, Doug Forrester, etc.
The rank & file tend to run from moderate to conservative. Bret Schundler has more support from the rank & file than from the elite.
In Monmouth County, the elected officials run the full spectrum, with people like Jen Beck, Joe Kyrillos and Amy Handlin tending moderate to liberal, and Tom Powers, Anna Little and Joe Azzolina being more conservative.
In last June's chairman's race, both Adam Puharic and Jim Giannell both coould be said to have come from the Right.


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