Monday, August 29, 2005

It always feels like somebody's watching me

A series of strange incidents, friends and fiends:

The Camera Guy

The Camera Guy has made two appearances in a week. I was present for the first instance.

1) Last week, my publisher and I were grabbing some food before going to check the status of an Open Public Records Act (OPRA) request. This guy hops out of his white Range Rover and starts taking pictures of me, my publisher and my publisher's car. Camera Guy then begins walking away from his car and into the parking lot. I, angry and paranoid, start to follow after. Camera Guy stops to take a picture of another building in the strip mall, I decide I am indeed paranoid and go to get food. My publisher later takes a walk outside of the building and, lo and behold, Camera Guy starts taking pictures of him again.

2) My publisher leaves the office at the end of the day today and who does he see parked 50 feet away, but Camera Guy, out of his car and snapping away. My publisher started walking toward him, but Camera Guy hopped into his white Range Rover and drove away.

This happens once -- yeah, maybe it's just paranoia. But twice in a week and at two different places? Looks like Courier has a fan.

Camera Guy is white, mid-to-late 40s, average height (5'9"/5'10"), thin, has dark brown hair with some gray on the sides, wears glasses and has a receding hair line. The white Range Rover looks five to six years old.

The Researcher

I've been having a interesting e-mail exchange with an anonymous individual who calls her/himself "The Researcher." The Researcher isn't very happy with me, especially with my last post. S/He seems to know quite a bit about a few Monmouth County Republicans, and I'm quite grateful to her/him for providing some insight into the county Republican organization.

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