Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Press Release

My Labor Day weekend was spent getting much-needed nappage and working on miscellaneous literary projects.

Here's a press release pertaining to the 11th District (attack on Democrats by third-party Republicans) that was sent out Friday:
For Immediate Release
September 2, 2005
Wall Township Mayor Edward Thomson 732 713 9935
Neptune Township Mayor Thomas Catley 732 496 0737

Week 3 & Democrats Still Remain Quiet

Wall & Neptune, NJ: Neptune Township Mayor Thomas Catley joined Wall Township Mayor Ed Thomson at the Wall Allaire Airport for a press conference stating their unified opposition to the Democrats partisan politicking with Homeland Security money.

“We stand here at the Wall Allaire Airport, to make a point that Wall Township was unjustly looked over for political patronage. Wall Township asked for $199,000 dollars and we received not a cent. Other towns such as Freehold, Manalapan and Marlboro received a combined $540,839 or 100% of what they requested. What makes these towns more qualified then Wall Township? First we were shortchanged and now we don’t even get a fair explanation,” stated Wall Township Mayor Thomson.

“Since 2002, 93% of all State Homeland Security Money was funneled to Democrat Assembly districts. The Attorney General’s office has acknowledged that the Governor’s Office played a role in deciding who would receive grants and didn’t. These facts are irrefutable and the Democrats have not provided a sound explanation for their actions,” stated Neptune Township Mayor Catley.

“The Trenton Democrats have created an environment of legalized patronage. The facts speak volumes of how deep seeded this goes. Beginning with the Governor and Attorney General, all the way down the food chain to local boy Jim Reilly. Each one played their part to divert much needed Homeland Security funds away from the 11th district,” concluded Mayor Thomson.

The Mayors highlighted that a lack of Homeland Security money will results in less security, higher taxes and cutting recreational/ civic activities. This is the second occasion each official went on record against the unjust distribution of Homeland Security money. The Mayors are waiting explanations from Governor Richard Codey, Attorney General Peter Harvey and Mr. Jim Reilly as to why they intentionally shortchanged their municipalities of much needed Homeland Security money.




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