Thursday, September 01, 2005

Beck & O'Scanlon Release

(Got this via e-mail. I'm going to stop just linking to releases and only post what I get e-mailed me. Any Bayshore-area campaigns who want their releases posted, please shoot them over to jcorley AT


For Immediate Release
Contact: Kevin Israel, (732) 741-4490
September 1, 2005

Gas tax: Yes or No???

With gas topping $3.00 will Panter and Morgan finally come clean?

With gas prices hitting the $3.00 a gallon mark, and industry experts calling for possibly higher prices, supply interruptions and gas lines reminiscent of the 1970’s, 12th Legislative district candidates Jennifer Beck and Declan O’Scanlon today called for their opponents, Mike Panter and Bob Morgan to join them in signing a pledge not to increase the gas tax after the election in November.

“We’ve been asking since the middle of June whether or not our opponents intend to vote to raise the gas tax after the election” said Beck. “They’ve refused to answer for months now. With a gas crisis now underway, they can’t avoid the issue any longer. It’s a simple question: Will you vote to raise the gas tax? Yes or no?”

O’Scanlon also demanded an immediate answer, stating “that these guys would fail to answer a question on a fundamental pocketbook issue before an election is an insult to the voters of the 12th District. We have no problem saying it: we will not vote to raise the gas tax. Their silence speaks volumes.”

Beck and O’Scanlon were referring to the long rumored plan for the Legislature to increase the gas tax by 10 to 15 cents when they reconvene after the election, with voter’s ire safely in the rearview mirror.

“When asked about the gas tax, Jon Corzine wouldn’t rule it out, which was bad enough”, O’Scanlon went on to say. “But at least he gave an answer. Apparently these guys are too busy taking credit for supporting things that never actually become law to do the same.”

Beck said it was part of a pattern. “These guys have shown time and time again that they take their marching orders from party bosses in Trenton and elsewhere. The Democrat leadership wants this tax increase, and by their silence on this issue, it’s apparent that Morgan and Panter are either going to support it, but are afraid to say so in an election year.

“Declan and I are beholden to nobody but the voters of the 12th District and between now and Election Day we intend to make that very clear.”




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