Monday, February 27, 2006

It's so hard to say goodbye...

...but sometimes you have to.

After spending the past 20 months or so employed at The Courier, I've accepted a position as associate producer of and, both of which are a division of, a Newhouse company.

I'm so grateful for the opportunity, and I'm equally grateful for everything I've learned during my time at The Courier. The level of freedom I was afforded at the paper taught me how to think outside the box (hence, this blog) and make the most of the tools available to me (hence, The Courier's web site).

I don't think I would have been able to learn as much or given as many opportunities if I had started at any other weekly publication.

The Courier is a second family to me. I'm going to miss everybody at the paper and $10 says I get a little misty-eyed on my last day. But I'm incredibly excited about the brave new frontier I'm heading out upon.


Sunday, February 26, 2006

Congrats to Anna Little!

It's Freeholder Little, folks. Abe has the detailed stats and the APP has quite an excellent article about the vote.

It should be noted that in his blog, Ronald Reagan (the blogger most in the Mon. Cty. blogging world say is MC GOP Chairman Fred Niemann or is-he-or-isn't-he former MC GOP Exec. Director Dan Gallic) is already talking about possible April convention challenges and a June primary. Wow, somebody's sore.

Was the whole mandatory "no primary" question asked of the candidates or does that only apply when the powers that be support the selected candidate?

Hey, at least they made the vote tallies public this time, and the count itself didn't mysteriously "disappear" later when candidates wanted to review the results. That whole we're-hiding-the-vote-count-for your-sake dog won't hunt more than once (especially not with a pool of candidates that had some bright lawyers in it).

EDIT (6:30 p.m.): Ronald Reagan has edited out the suggestions of convention challenges and a June primary. It's easy to see why.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Courier: The Blog

The Courier's editorial staff blog has been born. Lord knows where this'll lead. It should be a good time, though.


Monday, February 20, 2006

Download This

Google Earth

You won't regret it.

Red Bank woman gone missing from Aberdeen

This hasn't gotten much attention in the newspapers, so please pass this along. (I just found out about it earlier this afternoon.)

Red Bank woman gone missing from Aberdeen (Courier).

Christine Caroline Edwards suffers from schizophrenia and went missing from her sister's home 10 days ago. Those with any information should contact the Aberdeen Police Department at (732) 566-2054.

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SERC Announcement

Assemblyman Sean T. Kean and Republican freeholder candidate Tom De Seno have announced the formation of the South Eastern Republican Conference.

Press Release at The Courier.


Sunday, February 19, 2006

In Blogs Heard 'Round the Bayshore...

No more anonymous comments. Abe has thrown his hands up at the Howell-anche and is only allowing those who sign-up for a name to post comments on his site, much to the chagrin of those Monmouth Republican committee members who have made Abe's page their homepage and follow the comment-posting fray.

William Seward has endorsed Anna Little for freeholder.

...and Monmouth Democrats are still without pseudonymous blogs of dead Democrat standard-bearers.

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Friday, February 17, 2006

The APP Blogs

The APP editorial board has gotten a handle on this blogging phenomenon.

Be wary. When editors and publishers learn about blogs, all hell can break loose.


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Thompson Park Fire

Subcontractors completing renovation work blamed for Thompson Park fire

Uh-oh. Somebody's in trouble.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

As the Bayshore turns...

It's been quite the week in Bayshore/Monmouth news and politics, and I'm not quite sure whether to make heads or tails of it, so I'll just sit back and watch.

1) Middletown Superintendent David L. Witmer suspended

Middletown was a-buzz with the news that Witmer was suspended from his duties last week. The Board of Ed kept mum on the reasons until yesterday when charges were filed with the state Department of Education alleging that Witmer misappropriated his vacation and sick leave time.

2) Matawan Borough Council meeting

There was a bit of verbal sparring at the Matawan Borough Council meeting last. I'll refrain from talking about in depth since I plan on writing an article about it for next week. I will say that Councilman Paul Buccellato read a statement last night alleging that a family member of one of the new Democratic council members attempted to obtain confidential insurance information from municipal employees.

3) Keyport

Mayor John Merla was indicted on new charges earlier this week. At the council meeting, members of the governing body again asked Merla to resign. Merla has maintained his innocence.

There was also a big to-do during the public comments portion of the meeting by a Planning Board member about inaccuracies in news reports by an area newspaper (nope, not The Courier).

(An aside: As a reporter there are bound to be a group of people who like you and group of people who really hate you. It's kind of a bad idea to firebomb an entire town and have everyone aching for your spleen. ...but, hey, that's just my opinion.)

4) Monmouth County

TWO people have thrown their hats in the ring to challenge Fred Niemann. Out of personal curiosity, does anybody know how many municipal chairmen and county freeholders actually support Niemann these days?

...anywho, I will be up in the northern part of the state tomorrow, so the website update may be slightly delayed. I'm keeping my lips zipped as to why, but wish me luck.

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